Plan the Perfect Romantic Evening

November 5th, 2011
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Everyone’s idea of the perfect romantic evening differs, but with some easy planning, you can ensure your romantic evening fits your own idea of perfection. There are two types of romantic evenings – the first is the one people think of most often, which is an all-out, get rid of the kids, candlelit dinner, open fire type. That is without doubt a great way to indulge yourself and your partner, and as a once in a blue moon affair, we say go for it.

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However, don’t ignore the idea of the second, more low key perfect romantic evening. Something that can be done on a Tuesday night, say, instead of a weekend loud fanfare requiring effort. The ideas for what will help the evening work are perfectly sound for both, but all we’re saying is that it can be doubly surprising for your partner if a weekday evening becomes a passionate night that took little effort, as it would be for a weekend extravaganza that takes weeks to prepare.

1) Decide what it is you are going to do for your romantic evening. The most obvious is always a candlelit dinner with a nice bottle of wine. It’s a classic for a reason. However, there’s no reason it can’t be something different like selecting a film to watch that you know you’ll both enjoy. If you do decide to cook the dinner, then set a menu that’s not too heavy – for example, choose a dessert like a mousse, rather than a stodgy pudding.

2) Put your sexy underwear on early, and get dressed up. We have a fantastic range of plus size lingerie and there’s something very sexy about surprising your partner with what’s underneath, especially if you chosen something special like a corset particularly if it’s combined with some stockings. The other option is to go for something more like nightwear, like a babydoll – they are a great choice if you’re going with a less “organised” romantic evening.

3) You should have yourself and your meal or activity ready by the time your partner comes in, but don’t try and start everything off the instant they come through the door. You should be feeling pretty sexy with your underwear on, but they might be just coming back from a traffic jam. Both of you are likely to have some “housekeeping” things to talk about, whether it’s your work, their work, something the kids did, or a tile dropping off the house roof. Pour both of you a drink, or make a cup of tea even, and get these conversations out of the way.

4) Send your other half off to shower/get changed and tell them that you’re having a romantic evening tonight (if they didn’t know already – sometimes a flirty text sent during the day can add to the excitement). Now might be a good time to let on that you’ve got some sexy lingerie on. When they come back, all conversations about the day should be over – the perfect romantic evening starts now, so from here on the conversation should just be about yourselves.

5) Enjoy your evening. When the time feels right, you might want to wander off and come back in just your new plus size underwear. If you’ve had the chance, you might have flashed a bit of it earlier on to tantalise, but it’s very sexy to come back in and surprise them wearing just your lingerie.

6) You can probably take it from here.

BigSmalls specialises in selling Plus Size Lingerie in the UK. We have a great range of plus size corsets for your perfect romantic evening, which can be combined with some plus size stockings, and for moving things to the bedroom, why not try a plus size babydoll?

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