Get the plus size lingerie you want for Christmas

November 12th, 2011
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Recently, I wrote a post offering general advice for those looking to buy some plus size lingerie as a Christmas present. Since I posted the guide to buying plus size lingerie I had an excellent message from a reader, which I thought was worth sharing.

“Don’t leave it up to chance what your lingerie your husband [boyfriend/lover/etc - Belle] buys you for Christmas,” says Belinda. “Make sure you get exactly what you want – I email the page link to my other half together with the colour and size. That way he still gets to buy me something naughty, but I know it’s something I want.”

“Friends of mine do similar by printing out the page, circling what they want, writing their lingerie size on it and then “Christmas present” in capital letters on it, then leave it on their desk, or as one does, put it in his jacket pocket.”

It’s not subtle, but it certainly takes control of the Christmas lingerie buying. Of course, BigSmalls – our UK plus size lingerie store, offers an “Email to a friend” button on each item, just put the sizing information and colour in the message and the website will do the rest for you.

Alternatively, you can go one better and use the “Add to Wishlist” feature – this is great because you add the colour and size to your choice before adding it to your wishlist. You need an account (free and easy to do if you haven’t shopped with BigSmalls before, but most existing customers have an account) to create a wishlist, of course, because the site needs to store the details. You can then choose to share your wishlist, which has the advantage when trying to get what you want for Christmas lingerie, because it means that rather than just selecting one or two items, you can choose a range of things that you’d be happy to get, and then your partner can choose from the wishlist, which makes your Christmas present still a surprise, but one you’ll be guaranteed to be happy with.

Thanks to Belinda for the Christmas present tip – if anyone else has any good ideas, do let us know with the Comments below, or the response form.

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