New Luxury Plus Size Lingerie Range

November 14th, 2011
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luxury plus size lingerie New Luxury Plus Size Lingerie Range

Introducing Belle's Luxury Range - the very best in plus size lingerie

I’m very excited today, because I can finally unveil Belle’s Luxury Range, a hand picked selection of the very best and classiest items of plus size lingerie that we could find. We’ve selected items in a whole range of categories from plus size corsets to sexy stockings and knickers. The criteria were simple: high quality, elegance, value for money and sexiness.

Take the plus size lace shorts we selected, for example. They show that plus size underwear can be incredibly sexy – the lace up back to the short is thrilling – they could have simply made them lace all over and they would have been perfectly pleasant knickers, but with the lace up part, they are sexy without being OTT.

Or how about these plus size hold ups? Yes, they are simple hold up sheer stockings, but a simple satin bow added to the top of the stocking lifts them into a level of fun and elegance that a plain hold up doesn’t manage.

We think you’ll find something you and your partner will love in the new Luxury Range. There’s 30 hand picked items in there with something for every pocket and in most types of underwear, so when you’re looking for a new piece of lingerie, the Luxury Range should be your first stop.

We will be working hard to expand the range with more top quality items over the coming months. I’ll update the blog as and when we add new items.

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