The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 6

November 22nd, 2011
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Can we really be halfway through our guide to lingerie gifts for Christmas already? Apparently so. Today we wrap up the legwear, with a look at plus size tights. You might also want to check out the previous two days post on stockings and hosiery. As before, we’ve ranked the items for you.

fence net shorts 225x300 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 6

Get some of these fence net stockings and shorts before they go!

Sizzle Factor 1:

These plus size stretch fishnet tights are seamless, and the stretch makes them very accommodating. They still aren’t the plainest pair of tights, as they are made from fishnet, so they aren’t boring by any means. They are full tights, and we do have several more titillating options…

Sizzle Factor 2:

Consider these plus size fishnet suspender tights, which are similar to the first item, but instead of being full tights, are cut away to give the illusion of being stockings, while having the convenience of tights. If you’re looking for something like this but not in fishnet, we also have these plus size sheer suspender tights. Both pairs are stunning, and are a great gift.

Sizzle Factor 3:

Lastly, going a step beyond the suspender tights, we have this pair of fence net stockings topped with lacy boy shorts. They are relatively new to our range, but very popular, and with good reason, because they are incredible attractive and the fence net is unusual. We’d suggest a couple of pairs, because they are so well received.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 5

November 21st, 2011

Day 5 of our guide to the best lingerie gifts for Christmas 2011 and we turn our sights on Plus Size Hosiery. This category pulls together everything from stockings and tights, so there’s quite a lot to choose from. We’ve whittled it down to four, as usual, and we’ve ranked them in terms of how raunchy they are, so you can play it as safe as you need to.

plus size fishnet backseam stockings 300x243 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 5

Plus Size Hosiery is the best place to look through all our stockings and tights.

Sizzle Factor 1:

If you just need a pair of plus size sheer tights, then these are your answer. Nothing particularly exciting, but if she’s been searching around for tights in her size to no avail, these are a life saver.

Sizzle Factor 2:

A pair of sheer plus size hold ups next, which have a lovely wide band intricate lace top. They are very attractive, but nothing too risque. In a similar vein, but a little turning up the heat a degree or two, we also have these plus size fishnet hold ups with backseam. They have a hold up band at the top, but the backseam and fishnet material are pretty sizzling.

Sizzle Factor 3:

Lastly, a pair of plus size fence net stockings, with a wide lace top. These are proper stockings, so they will need a corset with garters or garterbelt, but they are quite different, eye catching and attractive.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 4

November 20th, 2011

Our guide buying plus size lingerie Christmas presents continues, with today the focus falling on plus size stockings. If you’ve been thinking about buying one of the plus size corsets from Day 1 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Lingerie, then buying a pair of stockings to go with them is a great idea. We’re not doing the hard sell here though – if you want a pair of plus size stockings for that, take a look on BigSmalls’ stockings category. Today we’re going to focus on stockings you can buy as a standalone Christmas present. Stockings are a great idea, because between you and me, they are about the cheapest piece of lingerie you can buy, so they make an ideal smaller present.

As before, we’re rating each pair of stockings for you:

plus size hold ups 300x247 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 4

Proving Hold Ups can be sexy, buy these on BigSmalls.

Sizzle Factor 1:

These opaque plus size hold ups are a really safe bet – they aren’t full stockings, which some girls might not thank you for, and they aren’t fishnet or anything else. Just simple black hold ups, with with a sexy bow at the top, lovely material and a great colour to them. They are something a little bit special, but nothing anyone isn’t going to like.

Sizzle Factor 2:

Taking the heat up a level we have this set of plus size suspender stockings. Like a normal pair of tights, they are sheer, but then rather than having a full, and rather unattractive gusset, they are cut away at the top to form an integrated suspender belt top. Easier to wear than stockings and suspenders, but much sexier than tights. To give you an idea of how these might be received, they are the number 1 selling item on BigSmalls. So much so, most people buy a couple of pairs at a time.

Sizzle Factor 3:

Going back to hold ups now, we have a pair of plus size fishnet hold ups, which are raunchier than the opaque ones. They are still very classy with a pretty, wide lace band at the top, but the use of fishnet is sexy. And to finish our selection off, we’ve combined the idea, with a pair of plus size fencenet suspender stockings. The fencenet is like fishnet but wider mesh, and this pair has a much more sensual lace integrated suspender belt.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 3

November 19th, 2011

Day 3 of our guide to the perfect Christmas plus size lingerie gifts, and we turn our attention to the plus size Bodystocking category. Now bodystockings are something a little unusual, but very popular. They are exactly what they sound like – a full length stocking with leg stockings integrated. A very sexy playsuit. Often bodystockings might be laced down the back, or front, and may have arms or not. And in case you’re wondering, many of them are open gusset.

As ever, we’ve ranked the Christmas lingerie presents by Sizzle factor to make your decision easier.

opaque bodystocking 220x300 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 3

This bodystocking is quite tame - there are others at BigSmalls.

Sizzle Factor 1:

This is an opaque plus size bodystocking, so it’s quite discreet if your lover is a little shy. It’s still something quite different, and it’s a full stocking with arms. As an introduction to bodystockings, you won’t find a safer plus size bodystocking.

Sizzle Factor 2:

Although classed as a bodystocking, this is more a plus size lace dress with thong. It’s Spanish lace, and a new addition to our range, but incredibly successful already. With a lace up front, it’s up to her how much she bares. Highly recommended.

In the more traditional, if that’s the word, plus size bodystocking category, we also have this plus size stretch lace bodystocking, which has arms, but has a strapped top around the shoulders, unlike other which a fully covered. The lace design is intricate and delicate, and it really is one of the best examples of a sexy bodystockings.

Sizzle Factor 3:

Turning the heat up to scorching, this plus size bodystocking with bows is breathtaking. It has bows along the front between the bust and then integrated garters down to stockings with bows at the top. Made from fishnet, if you are looking for the sexiest bodystocking available, you have just found it.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 2

November 18th, 2011

We hope you enjoyed our day 1 suggestions for buying a plus size corset. Today we are going to give you or suggestions for buying a plus size babydoll for Christmas. The same rule applies – buy for her, not for you. To help with that, we’re ranking the babydolls by risque factor again, so you can match the perfect Christmas babydoll gift to your lovely lady.

plus size satin babydoll 168x300 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 2

This is a safe bet for a plus size babydoll as a Christmas present.

Sizzle Factor 1:

A plus size babydoll is effectively another name for a slinky nightie, so if you know she’d like a negligee for Christmas, then a babydoll could well be the answer. To start with we have an elegant plus size satin babydoll. It has a luxurious feel, and the back is strapped and cut away, so it’s a lot slinkier than many boring nighties.

Sizzle Factor 2:

Two different plus size babydolls in this range. The first is a plus size classic babydoll, which is striped and ruffled around the bust. While very respectable from the front, the behind has a naughty lengthy slit up it which is quite revealing, though she can optionally wear the matching ruffled knickers to protect her modesty!

Alongside that, we have a 3 piece plus size babydoll, which has lace bust cups, so is quite revealing, but comes with a lace gown, and a matching g-string. Not an everyday piece of nightwear.

Sizzle Factor 3:

OK, so you know she wants the sexiest negligee you can find? How about this Plus Size Blackberry Babydoll? Made of satin with lace edging, it’s beautiful, and with an open front, it oozes sex appeal, and comes with a matching thong.

As well as this selection of plus size babydolls for Christmas gifts, there’s plenty of others to choose from in the full plus size babydoll range.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie – Day 1

November 17th, 2011

So you’ve decided to buy your loved one some plus size lingerie for Christmas? Good for you. It doesn’t have to be a minefield, as long as you remember the golden rule of lingerie shopping – buy for her, not for you. A little while ago, I wrote an introductory guide to buying lingerie for a Christmas present. Over the next 12 days, I’m going to give you some suggestions for lingerie to buy. We’re going to class them by category, so today we are starting with Plus Size Corsets.

The criteria for which ones have been chosen has been a combination of the best sellers and the opinion of our own expert buyers. To help you out even further, we’re grading the items by how risque they are, so you can choose one appropriate to your loved one, as you should know how daring they are.

plus sise tapestry corset 171x300 The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011 Lingerie Day 1Sizzle Factor 1:

We’ve chosen the Plus Size Stripe Tapestry Corset as our first corset. It’s very stylish, and indeed is part of my Luxury Range. There’s nothing seedy about this corset and so if you know she’d be happy to get a corset for Christmas, this one is a good safe bet.

Sizzle Factor 2:

Moving up a notch, we have a beautiful red corset that is a lot of fun. Not as serious as the first one, and with lace up sides, this plus size satin corset is a great Christmas gift. Also in this level, we have what is probably all our favourite corset, and at the time of writing the most popular corset in the store – the reversible plus size corset. Not only is it sexy, it’s reversible, so you get two different coloured corsets for the price of one, and to add to the value, you get stockings included (though we’d recommend choosing some plus size stockings of your own so that a) you have more than 1 pair and b) you can get something a bit funkier than the standard sheer ones).

Sizzle Factor 3:

Lastly, we have the plus size fishnet corset. Yup, for those who are looking for the really daring corset, this is the one. It’s stretch fishnet with a lace up front. It’s fantastic, but possibly not the best bet for a first corset. Only recommended for those who know their other half is looking for something like this.

If you’re looking to buy a plus size corset for Christmas, these would be our recommendations, and we think they will see you right, but of course, there are plenty of others to choose from in our full plus size corset range.

Plus Size Sexy Short Night Gown – On Offer

November 16th, 2011
plus size sexy chemise 171x300 Plus Size Sexy Short Night Gown On Offer

A sexy plus size nightie, at an incredible low price.

We’re really spoiling you this week, as I’m actually doubling up with a second Belle’s Blockbuster Deal. This time we’ve got one of our sexiest bits of plus size nightwear, the Plus Size Chemise, with an extra £4 off. That’s a total of down from £52.99 to £31.99. It’s a steal!

This is a short night gown, with lace up sides for extra sexiness, and it’s made from soft charmeuse material with lace edging on the side and around the bust, with the lace colour matching the material. The chemise is available in five colours, including red, blue (a personal favourite) and black. What’s more, it’s available in sizes up to 3x, so it makes it a perfect piece of plus size lingerie.

The offer on this blockbuster runs until Sunday 27th November 2011, so get over to BigSmalls and order yours now!

New Luxury Plus Size Lingerie Range

November 14th, 2011
luxury plus size lingerie New Luxury Plus Size Lingerie Range

Introducing Belle's Luxury Range - the very best in plus size lingerie

I’m very excited today, because I can finally unveil Belle’s Luxury Range, a hand picked selection of the very best and classiest items of plus size lingerie that we could find. We’ve selected items in a whole range of categories from plus size corsets to sexy stockings and knickers. The criteria were simple: high quality, elegance, value for money and sexiness.

Take the plus size lace shorts we selected, for example. They show that plus size underwear can be incredibly sexy – the lace up back to the short is thrilling – they could have simply made them lace all over and they would have been perfectly pleasant knickers, but with the lace up part, they are sexy without being OTT.

Or how about these plus size hold ups? Yes, they are simple hold up sheer stockings, but a simple satin bow added to the top of the stocking lifts them into a level of fun and elegance that a plain hold up doesn’t manage.

We think you’ll find something you and your partner will love in the new Luxury Range. There’s 30 hand picked items in there with something for every pocket and in most types of underwear, so when you’re looking for a new piece of lingerie, the Luxury Range should be your first stop.

We will be working hard to expand the range with more top quality items over the coming months. I’ll update the blog as and when we add new items.

Long Sleeved Plus Size Fishnet Bodystocking – on offer

November 13th, 2011
long sleeve fishnet bodystocking 225x300 Long Sleeved Plus Size Fishnet Bodystocking on offer

A plus size long sleeved fishnet bodystocking on offer

Time for a new Belle Blockbuster Deal – this time we have one our favourite plus size bodystockings on offer. This long sleeved fishnet bodystocking is seamless, and therefore easy to put on without worrying about straightening seams left right and centre.

Unlike some bodystockings, this one has long sleeves which will put some plus size women at ease. As you’d want in a piece of sexy underwear like this, it’s open crotch.

If you’ve never had a bodystocking before and been looking for something a little exotic, this is a good opportunity. The bodystocking has always been a great deal at £8.99, but we’ve turned a deal into a steal by shaving another pound off, so until 18th November, it’s now under £8!

A good addition to go with a bodystocking is one of the sexy plus size robes, because you don’t want your sexy new lingerie to be spoilt with a towelling dressing gown, do you? You might also want to get some sexy plus size knickers to go with it.

This deal runs for the next five days – get the discount plus size bodystocking now.

Get the plus size lingerie you want for Christmas

November 12th, 2011

Recently, I wrote a post offering general advice for those looking to buy some plus size lingerie as a Christmas present. Since I posted the guide to buying plus size lingerie I had an excellent message from a reader, which I thought was worth sharing.

“Don’t leave it up to chance what your lingerie your husband [boyfriend/lover/etc - Belle] buys you for Christmas,” says Belinda. “Make sure you get exactly what you want – I email the page link to my other half together with the colour and size. That way he still gets to buy me something naughty, but I know it’s something I want.”

“Friends of mine do similar by printing out the page, circling what they want, writing their lingerie size on it and then “Christmas present” in capital letters on it, then leave it on their desk, or as one does, put it in his jacket pocket.”

It’s not subtle, but it certainly takes control of the Christmas lingerie buying. Of course, BigSmalls – our UK plus size lingerie store, offers an “Email to a friend” button on each item, just put the sizing information and colour in the message and the website will do the rest for you.

Alternatively, you can go one better and use the “Add to Wishlist” feature – this is great because you add the colour and size to your choice before adding it to your wishlist. You need an account (free and easy to do if you haven’t shopped with BigSmalls before, but most existing customers have an account) to create a wishlist, of course, because the site needs to store the details. You can then choose to share your wishlist, which has the advantage when trying to get what you want for Christmas lingerie, because it means that rather than just selecting one or two items, you can choose a range of things that you’d be happy to get, and then your partner can choose from the wishlist, which makes your Christmas present still a surprise, but one you’ll be guaranteed to be happy with.

Thanks to Belinda for the Christmas present tip – if anyone else has any good ideas, do let us know with the Comments below, or the response form.

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